priced separately

The “Priced Separately” product tag is a useful tool for e-commerce websites built on WordPress. This product tag allows site owners to display items that are available for purchase individually or separately from a larger bundle or set.

By implementing the “Priced Separately” product tag, customers can easily identify products that are sold individually and distinct from other items. For instance, if a website sells furniture sets, this tag can help customers understand which pieces can be purchased separately instead of having to buy the entire set.

This product tag can save customers time and effort by eliminating confusion about product selling options. It empowers them to make informed decisions about their purchase and provides convenience to their shopping experience. Moreover, site owners can benefit from this feature by increasing sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.

In summary, the “Priced Separately” product tag adds flexibility and clarity to product listings on WordPress websites, making shopping a hassle-free experience for customers and contributing to higher sales conversions.

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