Flexi 3D Print Skeleton Knight


Just off the 3D printer, meet your new desk companion – the Flexi 3D Print Skeleton Knight! Handcrafted with precision in Geetech Silver and Polymaker army beige, this Skeleton Knight is more than just a decoration; it’s an 8-inch tall fully articulated fidget toy ready to guard your workspace.

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🔥 Just off the 3D printer, meet your new desk companion – the Flexi 3D Print Skeleton Knight! The Flexi Knight has been slain in battle, bearing the wounds from his arrows, dagger, and sword. His remains are now a mere skeleton, showcasing the battle’s devastating ending.

This Skeleton Knight is much more than an 8-inch tall decorative piece. An artfully designed and carefully crafted fidget toy, it can be ordered in an array of colours, including Geetech Silver and Polymaker Army Beige. With multiple joints of articulation, this Skeleton Knight is ready to watch over your workspace.

🎨 This isn’t your average skeleton knight, though. With an interchangeable sword and arrow, a face shield that flips forward, and minute attention to detail – right down to the hole in the shoe and the broken piping on the front – this knight is a charming mix of ‘realistic’ and whimsical.

💫 And did I mention? This Flexi Knight doesn’t just stand – he poses! Articulated joints mean you can have him standing tall, sword at the ready, or casually lounging at the edge of your desk or even a plant pot. The choice is yours!

🔨 Designed by the brilliant minds at Flexi-Factory, every inch of this knight, right from his visor to his ribcage, has been carefully designed.

🌈 Ready to join the ranks? Pick up your Flexi 3D Print Skeleton Knight at H&M Party Store on Dix Rd. in Lincoln Park. Whether you’re looking for a fun fidget toy, an intriguing desk decor, or just the most adorable skeleton knight you’ve ever seen, we’ve got you covered!

You can customize your product by including a name or date on the back that will be recessed! Every model is printed individually, resulting in minor variations in materials, as well as a unique character created by the printing process. Please note that the item may contain small parts that are not suitable for small children. For an extra touch, you may also request different colors: simply contact me and I’ll do my best to accommodate. All designs are original FlexiFactory creations.